Friday, August 19, 2011

Terrible ride yesterday...

So out we headed, as usual, down the road, making a plan to go around the block. At the end of my road there's a huge hill and here Siaga threw a huge hissy fit and decided he wasn't going to go forward and kept stopping and anytime I asked him for forward movement he would back up, turn, try to bolt, or buck.

I decided this is two things. A, it's starting to be a learned behavior from the last few times, when the storm was rolling in and we were both really tense, and when we heard the strange noises on the road (which, as it turns out, was the sound of people moving furniture and stuff as a family moved into the house there.) And B, the saddle fit is finally starting to get to him. I've figured that because it's so narrow on him, and because it pinches around his shoulder blades, going at a walk on the road is easy for him, but when I ask him to move up or down hill, his stride is greatly affected and painful, which causes him to react the way he does.

So anyways, I'm on the hunt for a decent but cheap dressage or all purpose saddle, and bought a book on Amazon about training the young dressage horse. He needs a little more discipline and a lot less pain, and after that I think he will make a really awesome trail horse.

I can't afford lessons with him or a trainer to come help me or a trailer to take him anywhere, so I'm limited to who is going to teach me for free... myself. Thankfully, I'm a book-aholic and don't mind investing in books to get the job done. :D

Jeni at Supersize My Cob has offered me an all purpose saddle with pad, stirrups, and leathers for $90, just needs a good cleaning and stuff.

So hopefully we'll actually be riding soon!

Also, have any of you ever had any problems switching a horse trained and always ridden with a western saddle (in a more english style, regarding posture and how I hold my hands and reins) to an english saddle?

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  1. Bonnie was strictly western - point and go type of horse when I got her. Trained her for eventing and flat work.

    You will be sitting more forward, on the withers. Balance is going to be important. Don't grip with your knees, relax your seat but use your legs to move forward.

    The most important thing is head, shoulders, hips, heels need to be one line. Need to sit as tall as possible shoulders back and down. Imagine holding a pencil between your shoulder blades, but NOT hollow out your back. If you are, you need to scoot your butt more under, like sit on your back pockets.

    Siaga can feel a fly crawl across his skin, he should react in some way to you tightening your belly muscles (flex = half halt, holding = halt). I sure wish we were closer I could help you out.