Saturday, August 27, 2011

So cloooose!

Got the new saddle on him and evaluated the fit compared to the western, with no padding, just the saddle straight on his back.

Off the withers- always a good thing.
Not pinching around his shoulders- he's gonna be able to reach further out with his front legs and hopefully won't protest carrying me up a hill as much anymore.
Laying on his back the whole way, not rising up in the back- unlike the western saddle, which somehow managed to sit far off his back under the cantle.

Only problem? Girth too short. D: Bought an extender on Dover Saddlery, should be in in the next week or so, then I can evaluate the fit while riding.


  1. You may find that saddle sits a bit to low on the back, I did with Bonnie.

    Meaning cantle is lower than pommel. If that is the case simply take a folded towel and place between cantle and pad, until the seat is level.

    If your Western Saddle was sitting up off his back, it definitely does not fit, no wonder he got pissy with you.

  2. Yup. But hopefully we have remedied this problem.

    And it didn't look like it was sitting low on him, but I'll look at that again next time.