Friday, May 13, 2011


Make Siaga act funny. First audience, a girl on a horse, makes him nervous. Get to the ditch and he jumps and bolts. Second audience, Jacy, walking on the ground, makes Siaga nervous... until we get to the ditch, where he calmly walks across it, back and forth, several times each way. I was flabergasted. I told Jacy "I think he's just showing off to prove me wrong or something."

So anyways, hopefully is dislike of the ditch will be cleared up and he will more calmly walk across it.

Jacy and I ended up walking aimlessly across the field, and I showed her the little grove with the belly high grass that Siaga likes so much. For the first time, we went a lot closer to the actual creek. This is not a ditch. It is not a little stream. It is a wide creek that is twenty or so feet wide in places, and some areas are about 5 or 6 feet deep, though it is mostly shallows and ripples. He decided it wasn't TOO bad to stand in the sand by the creek, but wanted nothing to do with it. I didn't ask him for anything more than that. I just asked him to stand and wait while Jacy explored.

The rest is uneventful.


  1. You sure you were not anticipating problems on the way to the ditch? Jus say'n.

    Glad it was all uneventful though.

  2. I try to treat each outing as every other... an uneventful, calm, and relaxing ride. I didn't expect him to be so antsy on the way there, but I was figuring that he'd be 'normal' about the ditch and not want to cross. Proved me wrong both times.