Saturday, May 14, 2011

Magic Touch

So my grandma and grandpa have these cats. There's three of them, all indoor cats, all of them shy of people. I've always been friends with the more outgoing, a tortoise-shell female, Boo, while Blotches (calico) and Ma (the mother of the first two, who has three legs, and is yellow and white spotted) have been very shy and standoffish all their lives. Well, since I've been over there at their house a lot more, Blotches and Ma will come out and sit with me while i pet them, and my grandpa was like "Well Beth, looks like Ma here just took a shinin' to you." :D I told him in reply, "What can I say? I have the magic touch."

Of course, I have some of Greedy's offspring, three male cats, who live in my barn. The youngest, who my nephew named Butterscotch for the yellow coloring and for the belief that it was a girl and not a boy, is terribly shy. Normally, he stays well away from me and waits to come get his food until I'm away.

The past month or so that I've been home (well... two months, now) I've been trying to build up his confidence in me, and it finally worked today. This morning before I went off to work, he sniffed my fingers, though he darted away again when his nose bumped my fingers. And then, when I went to give Siaga his lunch after I got home from my first bout of working, and he let me pet him! I was elated, to say the least. He even let me scratch around his tail, sticking his butt up in the air while he ate. Adorable. :D

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