Monday, May 30, 2011

Hot, Hot, HOT!

Hey, it's better than constant rain, but it's 8:30 pm and still 90 something degrees F out.

Siaga and I had an awesome evening ride, maybe 40 minutes or so, twice around the corn field (which still isn't planted) and then back on the rode.

He got a little excited around the back of the field the first time, and I saw he still had plenty of energy and was excited to get back to the yard, so I turned him around at the far end, and went the other way. He wasn't too pleased, considering he randomly and without warning tried to bolt, though he didn't take two steps before I lifted the reins (not pull, just barely lifted, mind you) and bam. He stopped. I think I had my jaw on the saddle horn. He's getting better at fast stopping.

Then we were on the rode, and the neighbors' dogs were barking from inside their house, so he walked to the far side of the road, nose tipped to the house, ears up, nostrils wide, muscles tense and ready to spring. And then we passed the pond, and he treated that the same way. It was like he was saying "Is it gonna eat me mom?" And I very sarcastically told him "Yes, Siaga, the pond is just going to rear up and get you. It's going to swallow you whole. Kidding."

Other than that though, it was a wonderful ride. He's moving halfway reliably off of my legs, with only occasional reminders with the rein. He moves to the right better than the left for some reason, though. Hrm.


  1. Try stepping into your left stirrup when move him to the left, my bet is your not weighting to the left like you to do the right.

    Sounds like a wonderful time - I'm so glad you get to be with him every day now =) I bet he's a much happier boy.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it next time we go out for a ride.

    Also, yes. Even though he doesn't have as much turn out space and no other horses to socialize with, he's looking so much better and healthier and improved muscle tone and we are both quite happy.