Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Off to go get hay for my hay-burner tonight.

I've torn into my last bale a few days ago, the one that had suspicious feathers on the outside. Turns out the feathers were from a bird molting in the rafters above, as the feathers were localized to one side and only on the outside. Since there were none inside, I just plucked the feathers out of the edging and gave him the hay.

I'm going to look into the guy's grass hay, so that he won't be getting any alfalfa. Downside is that it does have clover in it, which molds easily. I'll ask if I can get a look on the inside of the hay before I buy a load of it. (A load of hay, to me, consists of about 12-14 bales, because that's all the room for it we have in the barn.)

Anyways. He's not an overly energetic horse as it is, but he is full of attitude. Either way, I think he'll be ok whether I switch him over or not. He's already a pretty calm horse. Well. As calm as one can get for a short horse with little man syndrome...

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