Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Maybe it's just the weather...

Ach... hit the "enter" button instead of the "tab"... how did I manage that?

Anyway, the weather today has been... well... miserable. It was nice this morning, but as the day wore on, the air was so saturated with moisture and heat that it was oppressive and miserable.

Greedy, the inside cat, has been a little jittery and antsy, I'm assuming because of the static build up in her fur.

And Siaga... he seemed a little off today, too. He ate, but he ate a lot slower and seemed a little down. When I let him out, he went right away to his roll spot and rolled around twice, but didn't show normal colic signs. After that he jogged around a bit with a good amount of trot-farts. Good sign that there is movement in there.

To tempt him into eating a bit better tonight, I gave him a sliced up apple. (I won't feed him whole apples, because there's cyanide in the seeds.) He like that and munched it up. Hopefully he'll be back to normal in the morning. If it is just the weather, then it should pass soon. I mean, I'm feeling a little off today, too, from this miserable ick.

But I'd rather have miserable ick and heat than snow and ice! Hopefully we'll get some more sunshine instead of rain, and the farmers can plant their fields. Normally the sprouts are already out of the ground at this time of year... The only good thing about this is that I get more time to ride the field.

Also, at the end of my road, there's a big huge hill with one steep side and one not so steep side. When the ground is dry enough, Siaga will start hill training.

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  1. Repeat after me "At least it's not raining!"