Monday, October 24, 2011


Today Siaga and I had the most successful bareback ride ever. :)

I discovered that the second half of my balance issues was that I had been trying to ride with my legs too far back. I only noticed this time because I felt like I was just uncomfortable with the way my pants were, and I lifted both legs out in front and set them back down and realized I might as well have been riding with a saddle. Only without stirrups.

So we walked around the woods, doing lots of turning and bending around the trees and up and down the road. I should have had my riding crop with me, at the end he decided he wasn't going to do a damn thing but go backwards! I was a bit frustrated and vowed that I would not get off until I got him "Over there" and "stopped properly" and that took about 10 minutes to walk 20 feet because every cue I gave him, he went *rush backwards* or *sidepass really fast!*

During our ride, I felt comfortable enough (yes, bareback!) that I wanted to take him down a steep hill covered in roots, through a ditch, and up rough terrain, but I didn't, because there was the extension cord for the electricity in the barn in the way. :/

Oh well, it was a fabulous ride, and tomorrow is supposed to be nice, so maybe tomorrow. :)

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