Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cuise control

Siaga and I haven't really learned to ride at the trot. Well, we have, and he has a beautiful trot, I just held back for so long because of being scared of his attitude and knowing the saddle would hurt his withers and shoulders with the trot. But now there is no excuse. I'm not afraid anymore, I feel I have decent control over him, and the saddle fits.

So in a few days when the weather clears up, we're going to go to one of the cleared bean fields, not the corn fields, because of the stalks, and I'm just going to ask him to trot. Just trot. I don't care where he goes so long as he stays in the field. I don't care how fast or slow he goes, so long as he's in a trot. If he slows down to a walk, squeeze, click, spank. Canter, one rein stop, restart trot. Eventually we'll get to the canter, but first it's the trot.

So basically, I don't have to worry about where we go or stopping him, I just have to keep him in a trot and find my balance. I'm really excited. It's time. It might take me a few test trots though, to make sure I can hold my balance in the saddle.

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