Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Yes, thank you, I know I'm wierd.

People tell me this a lot. Even my mom is a little shocked (for whatever reason) that I'd rather shovel horse poop in frigid winter or scorching heat than pace around in temperature controlled, pink, girly, Victoria's Secret.

This is probably why I looooved my first day, why I enjoyed meeting all the horses and giving them their food, why I loved putting up some 400 feet of fencing, why I loved mucking the paddocks, why I loved helping the current (might as well say barn manager) R with treating a nasty bite wound on one of the older geldings.

And this is also probably why I took one look at the mustang mare (caught in the wild) and the mustang gelding (captive but bred and 'raised' wild, no BLM freeze brand) and fell in love, but mostly that mare. Let me paint a picture of this mare for you.

She's about the same size as Siaga, maybe 14.- 14.2 hh, really stocky built. She's chestnut, but it's slightly darker than the normal shade. She's got slight feathers around her feet and a tail that almost drags the ground that is super thick. Her mane is also thick, almost two feet long, laying several inches off her neck on both sides, and her forelock hangs down almost to her nostrils and over her eyes, thick and gorgeously chestnut and white.

I had been holding her buddy while R put medication on his wound, and the mare, Dot, is her name, had been drinking her water, she came over, and I held out my hand, she placed her dripping wet muzzle in my hand and looked at me with those liquid eyes through her forelock and I recognized that moment as a very special moment. I felt, looking at her, that I had found my June again, my horse-soulmate, that one that I feel the pull of. It was a truly breathtaking moment.

The mustang gelding is tiny, don't know how old he is, maybe a yearling, maybe 2, roughly 13-13.2 hh. He's a light dun color with a dorsal stripe. Adorable.

So yes, I am loving my new job.

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