Monday, October 3, 2011


I start my new job.

Yes, that's right. New job. Well. I start a week long trial period, but how hard can it be to prove that I can shovel manure and lead a horse, even misbehaving horses?

They really liked me, and I love the barn owner, Christine, she's so into doing things natural, and she loved the fact that I studied herbology for a while, maybe next spring, if they stick with me, I can help them get an herb garden centered on horse healing started.

So even though I start tomorrow, it's still not a DONE DEAL, but it might as well be. I'm super excited, so yay.

The girl said the only thing she and Christine were worried about is that I'm quiet and they don't want me to get hurt, and I know some of those horses are probably worse than Siaga, but Siaga is a lot better now than he was when he was younger (I mean, he wasn't gelded until he was two, for crying out loud) so surely it won't be that hard, and I'm encouraged to give horses mini lessons as needed, if they spook at something or are not respecting my space.

If I can (and did) deal with Siagas temper tantrums, then I should do juuuust fine.

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