Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 2, complete with photos

The above is Dot, the mustang mare. She's 18 or 19ish. She was in her stall this morning, so I didn't get good pictures, but this one is striking to me. She's lovely.

This is Spanky, the 6/7 year old miniature stud. Was so cute this morning, did a squealing bucking happy dance when I threw him his hay. He's not violent, mind you, he just kinda did a jump for joy with a little squeal and went to attack his hay!

This is Brandy, she's an older paint mare, opinionated and sorta bossy, but she's still a sweetheart.

These two are the red dun mustang Kota and the darker pony, Cocoa.

I couldn't help but give you guys this picture of Clyde, the barn cat. No, he's not vicious, I just took a picture while he was yawning. I have laughed so hard at this cat over the past few days!

The inside of the barn. :)

Horses on an early foggy morning, this is what I get to go see every day. :D Full of nickering and whinnying and hoof stamping, yup, call me dead and say I'm in heaven.

This picture was also too beautiful to pass up. :) I didn't put pictures of all the horses in here, way too many to catalog all of them, but I'll give you a quick run down:

Lexi: 6 month roan paint, I think she'll shed out to a gray paint.
Georgia: chestnut mare, rescue.
Brandy: piebald mare.
Bahara, Cash, and Tilly: chestnut mares, don't know much about them yet.
Chick: brown Appendix QH looking mare.
Dot: chestnut mustang mare.
Kota: red dun mustang gelding.
Perdu: brown... mare? Haven't learned about that one yet.
Bey: brown Arabian mare, looks maybe 3 or 4 ish... but is actually 20.
Tex: big chestnut paint gelding.
Prince: flea bitten gray Arabian.
Teddy: black Appy with white blanket and spots.
Spanky: Mini stud, black or brown
Cocoa: chestnut pony gelding.
May and Maggie (I think that's their names? Not sure): mini mares, one paint one gray.
Curly: Dot's buddy, going to retirement home at end of week.
Crusoe: shares Tex's paddock, a little black and white pony gelding.