Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yeah, rode down the road in one direction, he spooked at a squirrel, like he wanted to turn and run, and I made him watch it run away, and then we tried to go around that corner and he did one of his I'm not going in that direction things, and then the neighbors dogs came out of the house at us, running and barking. They blocked off the road the way we had just come, and Siaga wouldn't go the other way and there were fences on either side of us, so I turned him at the dogs and walked him forward. They got to the side, we walked past, though he was skittish to walk between them.

He did his not going that way thing once we got past the house to the other direction, and I had to spank him a few times to get him going instead of backing into the ditch constantly. Managed to get down the road, up and around the hill at the end of the road, and into a field across the main road, around there, and we worked on steering, and I had him changing direction when I would look and tilt my body towards something, it was great. And then home we went, through the woods, it was nice. We went up and down a lot of hills and though going down hill in the dressage saddle was a little scary, it wasn't too bad.


  1. I trail ride in my wintec AP on Rosie. Let me tell ya.. down hill (steep hills) scares the crap outa me!

  2. Yeah, I felt like I was basically just sitting on his shoulders, but it wasn't too bad. :) So long as he moves slow and careful, we'll be alright.