Friday, October 14, 2011

What, hail?

Yeah, so I got off work at about 11am today, and then mom wanted me to go run errands (while it was still sunny and perfectly clear out).

And I get done with that and it's a little cloudy, so I check the weather channel. Radar is clear, only 10 percent chance of precipitation.

Bring Siaga down, jump the little ditch that he used to have so many problems with, he surprised me and just went right over, I was amazed. Anyways, so we're in the middle of desensitizing to the knew whip, and it starts sprinkling. I'm like "Ok, sprinkles, we can deal with this, I'll just finish this up and we'll go back to the barn.


And then next thing I know, we're being pelted with little arrows from the heavens! (Ok, actually it was small balls of hail, but they stung all the same!) and so Siaga and I ditched what we were doing and high tailed it to the barn.


As for work, I'm loving it. Tomorrow I don't have to work at the stable, but I'm going out there anyways to attend a clinic with Stephanie Phelps, a Natural Horsemanship trainer and instructor here in Ohio, she does mostly Clinton Anderson stuff, but has a blend of Parelli, Lyons, Cameron, Roberts, and other noteworthy NH trainers.

Today was ok, have a double shift, but that's alright. :) I'm loving it to the extreme, not my dream job just yet, but that's ok. I'm loving it anyways. I soak up every minute.

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