Monday, March 26, 2012

Earned my Reins

Today I earned my reins for my lessons... too bad today was the last paid-for lesson and I can't afford them anymore unless I work out a trade of work-for-lessons.

Anyways, I think I finally pretty much get the canter, and the proper form of sitting and not overly rocking with it, and we started on rising trot today. And then Rose was in heat and the mustang stud was in the arena and she was a complete .... ho. xD Every time we'd pass, she try to get closer to him, and he completely ignored her. Oh heavens.

My instructor put me to work after my lesson, had me help with a lesson she was giving to a five year old girl, it was the girls first ever riding lesson. So I helped lead the pony and sometimes trailed to make sure she didn't fall off while doing something complicated like the around the world thing. And she had me walk in front sometimes to do things with my arms, putting them up over my head or out to the sides or hugging myself or whatever, for the girl to do also. That was so much fun, I think I didn't stop smiling a single time. :)

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