Saturday, March 24, 2012


Never managed to get the farrier that I had a few months ago out, so Brenda brought her farrier over today. Last time, Siaga had an entire syringe (IM shot) of Dormasedan (sp?) and today just had the oral paste.

So much improvement! He still jerked back and pulled a little, but for the most part, he stood still and calm. He leaned on me a lot for balance, and I don't mind. It's probably not something he's supposed to do but he doesn't have the best of feet and just kinda bumbles along anyways.

The farrier pointed out how his front left he sorta splays out to the side, the opposite of being pigeon toed. He said this is probably from when he was little and didn't have good trimming and care to start with, so when he would splay his feet so he could graze or drink, it just kinda stayed like that. He says he's got pretty good feet otherwise, good sole cavity and everything, just needs shortened up and a bit of correction on that front left.

Now all that stands between us and the Whitewater trails is a coggins test and some exercise. xD

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