Thursday, March 29, 2012

When life knocks you down

You must eventually collect all your limbs and check what you've got, and stand back up. Today I called a woman that runs a barn that is like an offshoot of the big barn in Lebanon I almost had a job at. The woman that runs DHF had told me about this other lady, named Sheila, and said she might be in need of help. She wasn't in September.

I called back today. Turns out, she's moving her horses back to her barn in mid April, and will be needing help. If she is close enough to me, then I will quite likely have a job, starting April 20th or so.

I'm super excited. I may not be able to afford continuing lessons with Kathryn, but I would still be getting a lesson with Sheila once a week, because she wants her employees to know how she does things so that she can send them off with a horse to exercise the horse, and not worry about the persons riding skills.

Now if only I can sort out my health issues, I'll be all set to go, I think. I've got some serious stiffness in my lower back, and it seems to me that only riding helps to get rid of it, but it comes back as soon as my feet hit the ground again.

But, yesterday I tried something new, I have a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance DVD from Rachel Brice, called Serpentine. On disc 2, she has a section called Yoga for Backwards Bending. Because the back-bend is an important part of belly dance, it's important to have freedom of the back, and that is what it focuses on. Within the first five minutes yesterday, I felt it loosening up. Today I am just as stiff as I was before it, but I think if I keep it up I might finally loosen it up back there.

It seems the stiffness is mostly in the lower back, even below the small of the back, which is the curve forward, and in my hips. My left leg is fine to go forwards, but not backwards, and my right leg is fine to back, but not forwards. Gah. Anyways. YAY YOGA!

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