Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wooooaah Nelly. Or Siaga. Whatever.

Went for a ride. One honest spook, one "can I get away with it" spook. No falls. Hour ride. That pretty much sums it up. Started out with the neighbor girl until her horse stepped in a hole hidden in the grass and fell to his knees and Siaga reared and jumped sideways (AND I STAYED ON!!!) and then she went back on foot and Siaga and I stayed in the field. At first he was throwing a fit because Jughead was leaving him, and he threw his little test spook, in which I one-rein-stopped him and from there he scooted diagonally across the cornfield for a while as I was trying to convince him to WALK STRAIGHT DAMMIT. He really does have a nice diagonal. Too bad he's not doing it because I asked and only because he doesn't want to go where I want to go.

He did settle down after a while, though. Back at the house, we wove around trees in the woods to work on direction a bit more. He's getting pretty good at following me before I have to employ the reins, but still needs a touch here and there, or, a full on haul around if he's trying his hardest to NOT go where I want to go.

I'm thinking about taking him on his first trail ride in Houston Woods soon. Maybe this weekend, who knows.

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