Saturday, September 10, 2011

Getting closer to being a BMA

I went to tour the stable yesterday.

Holy crap. It's huge. And full of warmbloods. Walking into that first barn full of jumping horses was like a car fanatic walking into a garage full of Ferrari's.

I felt so at home there, like I was nervous on the way there, but I forgot all about being nervous when I stepped out of the jeep, it was just awe inspiring, and huge. Did I mention it's huge? I mean, there's three barns, an indoor, two outdoor arenas, a round pen (Oh, excuse me, they called it a lunging arena, lol) and several pastures, and they are making a new indoor, also. And horses everywhere!

The whole place is very cutting edge, they don't even worm the horses, they send off fecal samples for each horse and give targeted worming only IF the horses have worms. Brilliant. And they have top nutritionists and saddlers come out every so often to make sure all the horses are healthy and that their saddles are fitting.

One rider there won a silver medal in the USDF riding dressage on a one eyed Thoroughbred while riding side-saddle. Are you beginning to see how big this is?

To top it all off, I was asked to write up a business proposal with all of the things that I need to have as pay, being how much I expect/ need to be paid, and also including Siaga's stall and board and once a week dressage lessons if I so choose. I could ask for jumping lessons, but it would probably be better that I learn to sit in that saddle before I learn to jump in it, you think?

So basically, it's not final, but it's really close, and I'm really excited, and .... and... and... Yeah I'm just really excited. It's like I let go of Victoria's Secret, gave myself over to the flow, and bam, here I am, with this amazing opportunity hanging in my face. And I plan on doing everything in my power to grab it.

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