Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still Coughing

Gonna call the vet and see if I can get someone out next week to take a listen and see what can be done, I've tried wetting down his hay and that hasn't helped much, maybe soaking it more thoroughly would help, I don't know.

We have a camping trip next weekend that I look forward to every year but if his cough gets any worse or if the vet prescribes medicine for him, then I'm probably going to stay home, because I have a hard time trusting anyone else to take care of him (especially when medicating comes into question) and aaargh.

I'm really frustrated. I still haven't gotten a good chance to see if the saddle fits properly, because I refuse to ride him while I don't know what that cough is. It reminds me of heaves or RAO (formerly known as COPD For Horses) because the only symptom I see is this coughing.


  1. Does he cough standing around - or with activity?

    Worse with activity?

    No temperature?

  2. He coughs both ways, slightly worse with activity and with a slight wheeze, no temperature that I can detect. (Don't have a thermometer, but he feels normal.)