Thursday, September 22, 2011

lol horse hair

All over the butt of my sweats. Went for a very short ride, legs proved too jelly-fied from my work out this morning to hold me on with any degree of stability, so then I jumped down and we worked on direction from the bit. It took him a while to remember how to turn based on the pull from the bit, I finally had to turn and walk away in the direction I was asking him to turn and give a clickclick vocal cue, however, we had a great breakthrough, I had him backing up and woahing on bit cue, with no vocal cues whatsoever.

:) We're getting there. Excited for my girth to hurry up and get here so that I can test out the new saddle.

Speaking of new saddle, that reminded me, before I went to actually get on Siaga, we tested the chair a bit more, walking around and when he was close enough, I laid a hand on his back and said "woah" and he stopped and it made me giggle to look down at his back, because he had stepped so close that his sides were against my legs, I had a directly vertical view of his back. I realized just HOW flat it is, and just how WIDE he really is. He's like a giant barrel. Little tiny horse with BIG HUGE BARREL BODY. xD

I do adore that horse. lol.

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