Monday, September 5, 2011


Horse is sick or something. He's got a cough and a slight wheeze after having bouts of being active (even riding at a walk for ten minutes had him wheezing)

I do think the saddle will work out, I felt a major difference in his movement and the fluidity of it, even though he was coughing quite a bit.

I discovered it's very hard to pull myself up into the english saddle from the ground, without a horn to hold on to, also saddle was slipping a bit, very challenging to get that thing tight enough! Tried getting on from the chair.... ended up flat on my back. Thank goodness it had rained and the ground was soft. Finally did manage to get up there, but almost went over the other side, not used to a slick seat, since my western saddle has a suede seat. Got the stirrups adjusted, but they might need to be adjusted a little bit more.

Have a bid placed on a bridle on ebay, made a ridiculously high max bid so that people hopefully won't try to outbid me.

Worried about that cough, thinking it's just from having such a dry and dusty climate lately. No runny nose or eyes, stool is normal, temp is normal, hay isn't moldy or dusty, same stuff he's been getting.

Bah. Why are the things we love most also the most frustrating and problematic?


  1. I'm sorry - I can't help but giggle a bit. Not at you, but with you. English saddles will teach you to mount correctly that's for sure. I can't mount from the ground any more, not even with my western saddle. Kills my back to put that much pressure on the left leg. But then again I have a HUGE horse LOL!

    I hope Siaga's cough isn't serious and he gets over it soon.

  2. Haha, now that I look back on that this morning, it is pretty funny, though I'm really feeling that fall today!